Performance Materials

Companies within the Ferro Group manufacture and supply a highly specialised range of colours and coatings for glass, ceramics, plastics and other surfaces. The product range includes thermo-setting powder coatings, plastic masterbatch, glaze frits, ceramic glazes, porcelain enamels, resins, coating resins and dispersions.

More than simply adding a beautiful and durable finish to life’s essential items, our performance materials actually save lives. Whether it’s in the road-marking paint that shows the way in dangerous weather conditions or in the resins on the National Sea Rescue Institute craft dispatched to find swimmers in distress, our companies’ products make a tangible difference.

We serve all industries from fashion to construction, paints and marine coatings, tiles and sanitaryware, transport
and taxidermy.

The Ferro Group has branches and warehouses located all around South Africa and even exports to most sub-Saharan countries.


The VEDOC division within Ferro South Africa produces a wide range of durable, high quality and cost-effective powder coatings. Powder coatings are offered in a multitude of colours and variety of finishes. Powders are available for various end-user applications such as the finishing of architectural aluminium, automotive primers and anti-corrosive coatings, general industrial coatings
and functional coatings.

A complete range of high quality unsaturated polyester, vinyl ester and ancillary products (gelcoats, flowcoats and bonding pastes), are manufactured in-house. This is complemented with the supply of a range of accessories and processing equipment suitable for all fabricating methods. Industries served include the construction and transport sectors, leisure and recreation, chemicals, mining, electrical, fashion and marine sectors. NCS Resins has emerged as the largest manufacturer of unsaturated polyester and vinyl ester resins in Africa.

The group’s diverse product offerings based on solvent-borne resins, dispersions and additives provide quality and technology benefiting thousands of end users across different markets such as architectural, industrial, vehicle refinish, construction, adhesives, textiles, detergents and graphic arts. Solvent-borne resins and water-borne dispersions offerings include conventional and modified alkyds, oil-free polyesters, acrylics, polyamides, styrene acrylic and pure acrylic and vinylic dispersions, biocides, polyacrylate surfactants and thickeners. Additives provide enhanced benefits with a wide range of rheology modifiers, surface modifiers, flow agents and levelling agents.

Spectrum Ceramics supplies a range of custom glazes, additives, pigments and ceramic inks to the ceramic tile, sanitaryware and tableware markets. In addition, Spectrum also markets porcelain enamel to the water geyser, appliance and holloware industries.

All our white and black filler masterbatch ranges, whether low cost or high quality, may be used in various applications, such as film, injection and blow moulding as well as pipe extrusion.

Our masterbatches are available in a variety of carrier polymers. Our black masterbatch products offer multiple carbon black grades along with variable carbon loadings.

The titanium pigments in our manufactured white masterbatch products allow for the incorporation of very high levels of solids and superb dispersion properties. Only high quality virgin materials are used as the base carrier, which allows for applicable dosage requirements.

Filler masterbatch products help reduce the cost of plastic production, as well as the modification of various properties of the base polymer.

Heavy metal-free black obscuration bands, inks and conductive silver paste technologies are used by the leading OEM glass manufacturers of windscreens and other automotive glass worldwide.

Environmentally friendly, heavy metal-free decorating inks for single and multi-trip glass packaging. Organic low temperature printing inks with good glass adhesion, mechanical and chemical resistance, suitable for high-speed decoration and bottle-filling lines. 

Lead-free glass enamel colours add design potential and functionality, with high durability and UV resistance.

Glass enamels are used for functional requirements, chemical durability and decoration on oven doors, glass cooker tops, control panels and microwave ovens. Forehearth colours for glass manufacturing, enable small production runs downstream from the main glass furnace.

The comprehensive range of decorating colours is used by leading tableware and glass artware manufacturers.


Ferro South Africa is a technology-based performance materials company. It has technical and distribution agreements with major international players including Ferro Corporation in the USA. As a market leader in the performance materials category, its divisions include:

This was the initial business that Ferro SA was built upon and is based in Brakpan, Gauteng. The operation is made up of the following businesses which each have a unique manufacturing process and formulations to produce their respective end products:

Manufacturer of decorative, protective and functional powder coatings.

Manufacturer of frits and stains used in ceramics
and enamels.

Only local manufacturer of black and white masterbatch.

Supplier of glass coating and decorating products.

Supplier of ceramic glazes, additives, pigments and inks used in tile and sanitaryware manufacture.

Specialising in the manufacture and distribution of resins and additives for the paint industry, including alkyds, acrylics, oil-free polyesters and polyamides. The operation is located in Isipingo south of Durban in KwaZulu-Natal.

Manufacturer of a broad range of speciality water-based polymeric dispersion products for the architectural, construction, adhesive and industrial markets. The operation is located in Jacobs south of Durban in KwaZulu-Natal.

The brand leader in the market for unsaturated polyester resins, gelcoats and ancillary products serving the composite materials industry and supported by a technical license agreement with Polynt in Europe. The operations are located in and around Isipingo and Pinetown in KwaZulu-Natal.