Minerals – Magnetite and Pyrophyllite

Two additional minerals which serve important industrial purposes for customers of the Bud Group of Companies are magnetite and pyrophyllite.

Magnetite is a ferromagnetic mineral – its high magnetic content makes it easy to recover and it has a high relative density. Pyrophyllite is an aluminium silicate found largely in schistose rocks. It is found in metamorphosed clay that was originally volcanic ash.


This is a dry-milled iron ore and is produced as a by-product of the phosphate mining process. The processing plant feeds the by-product through a process which dries, magnetically separates, mills, classifies and packs it. The final product is sold
to the coal industry as a heavy separation medium used in
coal washing.

An aluminium silicate, pyrophyllite is used in the paper industry as a pitch-controlling agent and as a filler and extender in the paint manufacturing sector.


Based on the site of a major phosphate producer, the Idwala Magnetite operation uses the processes of magnetic separation and fine milling to upgrade material from the tailings site.

The pyrophyllite raw material is sourced from a quarry near Ottosdal in the North-West Province and milled or micronised
at the Idwala Industrial Minerals operation in Benoni, Gauteng.