Energy Solutions

FFS Refiners offer a range of products and services to industry, including industrial furnace fuel oils, base oils, wood preservative, marine fuels, and bulk storage services.


FFS’s fit-for-purpose liquid fuels are used in a wide variety of applications, including glass making, brick making, steam raising in boilers, billet re-heating, baking, incineration, laundries, road-mix heating, lime kilns, and sand and stone drying.

Typical Fuel Oil products include:

Fuel Oil 150 (HFO): FFS Fuel Oil 150 meets and exceeds the specification requirements set out in SANS 1314:2014 (FOH2), the typical industry heavy fuel oil generally used in boilers, thermal oil heaters, smelters, dryers and similar heating fuel applications.

Low Sulphur Oil (LSO): LSO is a heavy fuel oil with maximum sulphur content of 2% by mass (HFO specification is 3.5% max.) and is used in applications where sulphur emissions are a constraint.

Coal Tar Oil (CTF): CTF is derived from coal gasifiers and coking operations and is used as a very effective fuel oil in applications that require a cost-effective, high-radiance and low-sulphur product. Typical applications include smelters and billet furnaces.

Light Oil 10 (LO10): A distillate fuel oil that can be used as a cost-effective alternative to paraffin and diesel in industrial fuel oil applications that require a light fuel that does not require preheating.

FFS’s Pietermaritzburg plant produces extremely high-quality base oil that meets and exceeds international standards. Our products are used in automotive and industrial lubricants, in explosives, and as industrial process oils.

FFS’s WP1 wood preservative creosote is used in the preservation of timber structures such as utility, transmission and fencing poles. WP1 is manufactured at our SABS-accredited plant in Evander in accordance with SANS 616 requirements. WP1 is the result of years of research and development and is a uniquely formulated product that stays in timber for very long periods. This ensures superior and long-lasting protection for the timber against termite, borer beetle and fungal attack; even in harsh African conditions.

FFS supplies marine fuel oils which are used for propulsion in ships. The product range includes standard marine gas oils, heavy marine fuel oils and intermediate fuel oil blends. Products are supplied from storage tanks on the Eastern Mole in the Cape Town Harbour. We can deliver directly from shore to ship at our quayside loading facilities or product can be delivered by road tanker to berth.

FFS offers bulk storage tank rental services to industry at our Cape Town Harbour and Evander tank farms. Our tanks can be used to store a multitude of petrochemical based products such as bitumen, fuel oils, and other speciality products.


Founded in 1974, is the largest supplier of liquid heating fuels in
South Africa, with its customers consuming more than 300 000 tons of FFS fuel oil per year. Raw material used for processing or blending to market specifications is sourced from all crude oil refineries in South Africa. FFS has the processing technology to beneficiate liquid hydrocarbon streams into higher value products. Headquartered in Durban, FFS Refiners has five manufacturing plants and multiple storage depots at strategic sites countrywide, including bulk storage services at the Cape Town Harbour and Evander, Mpumalanga, facilities.